Monday, June 25, 2007

What You Need To Know About Wax Lantern Candles

Candles are magic. They light your way, clam you down and bring a touch of softness to your eyes that artificial lighting just can't reproduce. Candles have always been popular gifts that show you care about the entire person – an elegant gift with some gentle charm. It used to be that families made their own candles, and then the village candle maker was relied on for the whole village.

Although candle making in your home can be a pleasant hobby, most people today buy their candles ready made from shops and online stores. There are many different kinds of candles with names that can be rather strange. Wax lantern candles have one of the oddest names for a unique, beautiful and functional work of art.

What Is It? A wax lantern candle looks like a thick column candle (one about as wide as your arm), that has been hollowed out in the middle. Then, you can but a votive or tea light candle inside of it. A wax lantern candle does not have its own wick. The lighting effect from a lit wax lantern candle is tranquil and soothing. Most wax lantern candles are made so that they are heat proof, and can be reused like a candle holder, but be sure it is heatproof before you use it.

Wax lantern candles often have beautiful designs imbedded in the wax. You can even have special writing such as someone's name to be put on the candle. Bits of seashells, marbles, designs, dried flowers or herbs can also be embedded in the wax. Sometimes intricate drawings and photographs can be placed on the surface, much in the same way photographs can be reproduced on cakes. Some wax lantern candles are made as fully functional lamps without the bulb. You shouldn't burn candles in those!

Not Quite A Hurricane Lamp Wax lantern candles do resemble hurricane lamps very strongly, especially the electrical ones. But hurricane lamps tend to be bigger and, some feel, are more hazardous than wax lantern candles. But there are hurricane lamp fans that will insist their lamps are safer than wax lantern candles. When you are burning any kind or lamp or candle, keep an eye on it. Don't light one and leave the house to go shopping. Keep the candle or lamp in a well ventilated room. Don't place candles or lamps within six inches of anything flammable or likely to melt.

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