Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Ultimate Camping Supply Checklist Guide - Light it Up with Good Lighting Gear

What are the 'must-haves' lighting equipment for a camping trip?

Well, these are the basic ones, if you must include in your camping supply checklist. Feel free to bring a lot more if you feel the need to power up the whole camping site. The nocturnal animals need some good lighting once in a while.

But seriously, here are the must-haves;

Must-Have Number #1 - Flashlight (that includes spare batteries)

What is a camping trip without flashlights or what some would call torchlight? Never, ever set out to a camping ground without one. That is almost as good as saying don't go camping without a flashlight. Reasons are simple and it becomes clearer on your camping site. Things get displaced easily at night, and looking for that transistor radio, or that can opener, or whatever small little objects that you need is easier with a flashlight.

Must-Have Number #2 - Picnic Lanterns (again, that includes spare batteries)

Picnic lanterns are battery-operated lanterns, usually the big D-sized batteries. It tends to consume energy fast, so unless you do not have a big campfire burning, or your site lacks the proper lighting, then I suggest you use one. But try not to switch it on throughout the night unless you have lots of spare batteries to go around, of course.

Must-Have Number #3 - Cyalume Sticks (My son calls it the mini light-sabers)

These mini light-sabers come in different colors, green, blue, yellow, red, etc. We usually use them as color markers to indicate the toilet area or the restricted area or any hazardous sites at night. Break it, shake it and use it with a string. It does not have a strong illumination but is good for ambient lighting, nevertheless. They are cheap but last only for the first 8 hours.

Well, these are some of the must-have lighting gear that you need to include in your camping supply checklist. Like I said, feel free to bring along the generator if you want to, but hey, it is a camping ground no less. Enjoy and have fun!

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