Friday, June 29, 2007

A List Of Mom Birthday Gift Ideas

As your mom's birthday approaches, it is only high time for you to settle with whatever mom birthday gift ideas that you could.

Apart from the very traditional gift ideas for your mom's birthday, you may as well think of something that would really be surprising yet captivating. Birthday cards are ok but if you could think of something more special, the better it is.

A Wide Array of Choices of Mom Birthday Gift Ideas

1. Elegant jewelry. The birthstones made into rings and pendants, the diamond, gold, and other very precious stones in the world are popular mom birthday gift ideas.

2. Gift baskets. The gift baskets may be filled with anything that is of interest for your mom. It could be a series of books from her favorite authors, a collection of chocolates, pastries, and sweets, fruits, wine, coffees, and even some spa products.

3. Nail polish. Most moms are still up to date especially when it comes to foot wear fashion. They just love wearing sandals and because of it they need to ensure that their toenails are perfectly done! Therefore, you could include among your options the varied choices of nail polish. A manicure and pedicure session is not only relaxing for them but it could also be one source of their happiness.

4. Salon treat. Either a facial, hair treatment, or the likes are all fabulous thoughts of mom birthday gift ideas. You could spend some bonding time with her through a salon treat. Do some girl things on her birthday. It is also one way of giving her some time to relax and while away the moment with you. She truly deserves it!

5. Shopping spree. Women generally love to shop. So does your mom! Treat her out on a shopping spree whenever your available budget allows you. You are not only to spend quality time with her but you also purchase new things for her.

6. Vacation. Surely, your mom would like some new environment. This is your chance of providing an answer to her desire. Get her some reservation and ticket and let her enjoy her day.

Birthdays only come once and your mom deserves to pleasurably enjoy her moment. Mom birthday gift ideas are of several options and you've got no limitations as to your choices.

Take a look at the varieties of mom birthday gift ideas and pick one that would truly accentuate the personality of your mother. Make her birthday a memorable one by giving her a treat she would love best.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Camp Kenya Top Five (5) Star Camp- Best Tented Camp Kenya

Galdessa Safari Camp-Kenya

Galdessa camp is built on a curve in the Galana River and shaded by tall doum palms. Away from the river the land is hot, dry and dusty with sparse scrub and thorn trees it is refreshing to come to the comfort of Galdessa.

There are 8 tent/bandas-basically canvas walls with a thatch roof, a wooden floor in the bedroom and a stone floor in the bathroom. Three of the units are larger with their own separate sitting room. One of these is by the river and the other two are at either end of the camp-guaranteeing extra privacy (ideal for honeymooners). The tents have running water and flush loos, but guests are treated to a proper safari bucket shower. The large mess tent is comfortable with big white sofas and a view over the river.

Highlights of camp Kenya Galdessa

Galdessa combines the adventure of an authentic African bush experience with great style and luxury. There are no fences, and wild animals are free to wander around the camp. You are bound to lie awake thrilling at the sound of the African night a heartbeat away through canvas walls. You can go for a game walks with an armed ranger and enjoy the excitement of a night game drive. You might choose to go fishing by the Lugard Falls or simply relax in this supremely peaceful place.

As for style and luxury-gourmet meals are served under the starts, on the banks of the river, or as a surprise out in the bush. Your laundry is done, your bed is turned down, your shower water is heated, your drinks are iced... What more could you ask for?

The owner, Pierre-Andre Mourgue d'Algue, whi lives in London, divides his time between international banking and African conservation. Pierre is very eco-sensitive, and has helped to reintroduce black rhinos into the park. Solar power lights the lamps in your tent and there is no generator-just the sounds of nature.

Guests can fly into the airstrip at Lugard falls.

Tiata Hills Wildlife sanctuary

Hilton in the Kenya Wild

The privately owned Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary is 17,000 hectares of rolling savannah accented by dramatic rocky outcroppings and small plateaus. Because there is plenty of water, many animals shelter there, and large herds of elephants and other plains game migrate to the sanctuary from Tsavo each year.

Hilton international holds a long lease on the land and has built a trio of safari lodges to harmonize with this beautiful setting. These include the Taita Hills lodge, the salt lick lodge for overnight game viewing and the tents, a tented camp hidden in the forest along the banks of the Bura River. All are run according to high Hilton standards of luxury and service. Visitors are an international mixture of tour groups, business men and small private safaris arriving every day by road and by air.

Hilton is also responsible for managing the sanctuary and ensuring the safety of the animals. For this reason, there are 18 game wardens on Hilton's Taita Hills Lodge staff. Because the sanctuary is privately managed, there are very few vehicles on game drives. The wardens keep track of the animals to guard them from mishap and poaching. The wardens also pass the word to drivers, which can make game drives very exciting and satisfying.

Monday, June 25, 2007

What You Need To Know About Wax Lantern Candles

Candles are magic. They light your way, clam you down and bring a touch of softness to your eyes that artificial lighting just can't reproduce. Candles have always been popular gifts that show you care about the entire person – an elegant gift with some gentle charm. It used to be that families made their own candles, and then the village candle maker was relied on for the whole village.

Although candle making in your home can be a pleasant hobby, most people today buy their candles ready made from shops and online stores. There are many different kinds of candles with names that can be rather strange. Wax lantern candles have one of the oddest names for a unique, beautiful and functional work of art.

What Is It? A wax lantern candle looks like a thick column candle (one about as wide as your arm), that has been hollowed out in the middle. Then, you can but a votive or tea light candle inside of it. A wax lantern candle does not have its own wick. The lighting effect from a lit wax lantern candle is tranquil and soothing. Most wax lantern candles are made so that they are heat proof, and can be reused like a candle holder, but be sure it is heatproof before you use it.

Wax lantern candles often have beautiful designs imbedded in the wax. You can even have special writing such as someone's name to be put on the candle. Bits of seashells, marbles, designs, dried flowers or herbs can also be embedded in the wax. Sometimes intricate drawings and photographs can be placed on the surface, much in the same way photographs can be reproduced on cakes. Some wax lantern candles are made as fully functional lamps without the bulb. You shouldn't burn candles in those!

Not Quite A Hurricane Lamp Wax lantern candles do resemble hurricane lamps very strongly, especially the electrical ones. But hurricane lamps tend to be bigger and, some feel, are more hazardous than wax lantern candles. But there are hurricane lamp fans that will insist their lamps are safer than wax lantern candles. When you are burning any kind or lamp or candle, keep an eye on it. Don't light one and leave the house to go shopping. Keep the candle or lamp in a well ventilated room. Don't place candles or lamps within six inches of anything flammable or likely to melt.

Friday, June 22, 2007

15 Funny Quotes To Celebrate Joke Day

If laughter is the best medicine, then funny quotes are my prescription of choice. After all, who couldn't use a good laugh or two? Help spread the Joke Day celebration and share these 15 funny quotes with a few good friends.

1. "Have you ever noticed? Anybody going slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac." ~ George Carlin

2. "Electricity can be dangerous. My nephew tried to stick a penny into a plug. Whoever said a penny doesn't go far didn't see him shoot across that floor. I told him he was grounded." ~ Tim Allen

3. "I drive a V10 Ford Excursion and I have to tell folks all the time: look I've got five kids and a dog and birds. I would have to have two Lincolns with two V8s, you see, so it would be 16 cylinders." ~ Dan Aykroyd

4. "Swimming is not a sport. Swimming is a way to keep from drowning. That's just common sense!" ~ George Carlin

5. "Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes." ~ Jim Carrey

6. "Have you ever been in therapy? No? You should try it. It's like a really easy game show where the correct answer to every question is: 'Because of my mother.'" ~ Robin Greenspan

7. "Accept that some days you're the pigeon, and some days you're the statue." ~ Scott Adams

8. "You can say any foolish thing to a dog, and the dog will give you this look that says, "My God, you're right! I never would've thought of that!" ~ Dave Barry

9. "Politicians are interested in people. Not that this is always a virtue. Fleas are interested in dogs." ~ PJ O'Rourke

10. "Insanity is hereditary: You can get it from your children." ~ Sam Levinson.

11. "An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but if the doctor's cute then forget the fruit!" ~ Bumper sticker quote

12. The difference between genius and stupidity is; genius has its limits. ~ Albert Einstein

13. "Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society." ~ Mark Twain

14. "The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four Americans are suffering from some form of mental illness. Think of your three best friends. If they're okay, then it's you." ~ Rita Mae Brown

15. "USA Today has come out with a new survey: Apparently three out of four people make up 75 percent of the population." ~ David Letterman

As Carlos Mencia says... "If you ain't laughing, you ain't living." This month, why not take life a little less seriously and laugh a little more. At the very least, share these funny quotes on Joke Day and crack a few grins with your friends.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

School Is Out, But How Do I Keep My Kids Involved So They Don't Forget Their Main Subjects?

Great Question...

Well let me say that as the father of 3 grown kids in their 20's, and having taught mathematics for 5.5 years, along with being a part time associate college professor, there are a lot of options.

Let me start off, that studies have shown that children start their next school year retaining less information
then when the school year ended. It is amazing that with all the hard work of studying and learning from August to May/June, that children will actually start school with retaining less of this information.

Part of it is that a lot of students do not stimulate their brain with learning during the summer months. They fill their daily schedules with watching tv, working more hours at jobs, parties,hobbies,family vacations,staying up late, sleeping late, video games, etc.

So what can parents do?

Well, short of home schooling your children throughout the summer months (my sister home schooled
all three of her kids), have you tried these ideas?

1. Find out what subjects your children needs help or assistance with. Maybe your child got the results of their TAKS test (In Texas, there is an end of year state test to measure a student's retention and understanding of English,Math,Science and Social Studies). Students have to have a passing grade in all 4 subjects in order to get their high school diploma. If they took their end of course exams, ACT, SAT Exams, even the last report cards, look at what subjects they did the worse in. Maybe your child
did fine, but they are looking at getting accepted in college, need higher grades, want to take AP classes, etc.

a. Look on the web for some free web resources in each of these subjects. I used to teach a summer school math program at a local private school for middle school students, called Middle School Math with Brain Teasers. I liked to introduce middle school students to pre-algebra and algebra concepts, while reinforcing the skills they already learned, but use some brainteasers and some websites that had fun educational games in math/science. It made learning the concepts "fun".

Don't use this as punishment. In my years of teaching, I wish I had a dollar every time a student said they could not do math because they were stupid or not good in math. I always believed in trying to make them believe in their self, and have a positive attitude. I made math fun , exciting and especially how it relates to the real world (science, english,art,social studies, engineering,etc.). I had a student a few years ago who hated math, but at the end of Algebra II, she was smiling and she passed. Another student left school and came back a few months later and told me she had a 4.0 average in her nursing classes in college,and that it was because of the Algebra II I taught her.

The idea is that tutoring or getting additional help should never be used as punishment or to belittle your
child. When I was in the Army, if something was not accomplished the first time, you go back and look
at the task, processes, what ways can it be improved, practice,practice,practice, and do it again.

Life is like that.. It is the reality that if you did not grasp the math,science,social studies or english concepts, then guess what, sitting on the couch all summer complaining about school, will not help you next year.

Get some help. Try some online websites. If you have your textbooks, review those concepts.

b. If you can not do it on your own, see if your community has some summer school programs you can check into. Some are only for a few weeks, and only a few hours a day.

c. Find a tutor who can help you. Maybe you have another student in your neighborhood who can be trusted. Find a reputable tutoring company where you can have a tutor come to the comfort of your home (when you are home) and work one on one with your child. I did this for several years, and I had to reteach math concepts. I have seen a 7th grade student with C's and D's make A's in Algebra, Geometry and Algebra II. Making this investment for your child really helps...Believe me, trying to tutor your child may not work. My daughter told me years ago, after she did not understand the concept of slopes, that she wished I was her math teacher...On the other hand, my two sons, did not like my drilling,asking questions, etc. I don't like to give answers.

d. Visit your local library....Believe it or not, check out some of the books in your subject area. Even books like Math for Dummies, Idiot's Guide for ???, have a lot of good tips that will help your student, but yet make it fun and understandable.

e. Back to the Library. Most have online databases and sample tests. Ours has several tests that you can take to practice for your ACT,SAT,and other exams. Look at your local library and see if they have some online practice exams.

f. Take a summer course to get a higher grade in the class you need. If your local school has a prep class for beginning 9th grade students in Algebra, then this might help.

g. Video series...I personally like the tapes and DVDs from The Standard Deviants. They can cover a year's worth of concepts into a fun interesting way. Check to see if your library will let you check out these resources.

h. Last but not least. There is a whole world of internet resources for getting help. I know several that have practice TAKS questions, SAT prep, etc.

I hope this helps..It might not work with every student, but the idea is to keep them intellectually challenged and still learning over the summer....JohnK

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Ultimate Camping Supply Checklist Guide - Light it Up with Good Lighting Gear

What are the 'must-haves' lighting equipment for a camping trip?

Well, these are the basic ones, if you must include in your camping supply checklist. Feel free to bring a lot more if you feel the need to power up the whole camping site. The nocturnal animals need some good lighting once in a while.

But seriously, here are the must-haves;

Must-Have Number #1 - Flashlight (that includes spare batteries)

What is a camping trip without flashlights or what some would call torchlight? Never, ever set out to a camping ground without one. That is almost as good as saying don't go camping without a flashlight. Reasons are simple and it becomes clearer on your camping site. Things get displaced easily at night, and looking for that transistor radio, or that can opener, or whatever small little objects that you need is easier with a flashlight.

Must-Have Number #2 - Picnic Lanterns (again, that includes spare batteries)

Picnic lanterns are battery-operated lanterns, usually the big D-sized batteries. It tends to consume energy fast, so unless you do not have a big campfire burning, or your site lacks the proper lighting, then I suggest you use one. But try not to switch it on throughout the night unless you have lots of spare batteries to go around, of course.

Must-Have Number #3 - Cyalume Sticks (My son calls it the mini light-sabers)

These mini light-sabers come in different colors, green, blue, yellow, red, etc. We usually use them as color markers to indicate the toilet area or the restricted area or any hazardous sites at night. Break it, shake it and use it with a string. It does not have a strong illumination but is good for ambient lighting, nevertheless. They are cheap but last only for the first 8 hours.

Well, these are some of the must-have lighting gear that you need to include in your camping supply checklist. Like I said, feel free to bring along the generator if you want to, but hey, it is a camping ground no less. Enjoy and have fun!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tips For Finding the Right Child Care Facility

In this modern day and age where you can find both parents working, you can expect their children to be spending a major part of their time in childcare. The early years of a child are considered the formative years, where they will be learning as much as they can absorb and developing certain skills. So your preference of childcare program will be a critical one. It is very important that you take your time in making your decision and that you visit as many childcare providers to select the best one most suited for your child's needs.

When you visit a child day care facility or care provider's home for instance, take a good look around the place and carefully observe the caregiver with the children. Feel free to ask as many questions as you like. Especially your concerns about your child's safety here.

Examine if the caregiver is patient, warm and friendly. While a care provider may have such an impressive background and work experience, what is more important for parents is someone who is not there merely for the job but one who has passion for children and love that any parent would normally give to his or her child. The caregiver should also understand that your children will be developing skills during this crucial time and they must know what children basically need.

Go around the facility and see if it exudes a cheerful and happy environment. The facility or home should be clean and tidy with materials that are well organized and play toys or things that are within easy reach for children. Evaluate as well if it has all the necessary measures to guard your child's safety, as children can be very curious most of the time and they may get their hands on dangerous objects like glassware, plugs, electric outlets, etc. The care provider should be able to provide you with explanations and detailed answers as to their safety procedures and precautionary measures.

The facility should also provide a daily schedule of varying activities and a schedule for outdoor play as well.

Try to interview parents who send their children to this particular facility and get their feedbacks. Before making any decision, let you child visit the facility to get a feel of the caregiver and the other children.

Now that you have decided on the childcare services, it is time to help your child adjust to childcare. This can be a very big step and your little one may need some help in adjusting to the new experience.

Talking to your child would prove to be helpful. Explain to your child carefully the necessity for him or her to stay at the facility because mommy and daddy have to work. It is important to assure your child that you will pick him or her up at the end of the day.

To help your child adjust, take him or her for a short visit to the facility before the big day drop-off. Let your child see where he or she will be playing with other children, doing activities and games, etc. Tell your child all about what he or she will typically be doing at day care.

When you leave your child at day care don't sneak but instead it would help to do your usual daily goodbye routine that he or she has been used to. You can let your child bring along his or her favorite toy or stuffed animal. Familiarity will always make a child feel secure.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

How Do I Know That I am in Labor?

When you conceive and become pregnant, your body begins to prepare for giving birth and, at the same time, it nurtures the fragile fetus growing in your womb. Full-term pregnancy is considered to last 38 or 40 weeks. When the length is calculated from the estimated day of fertilization, the pregnancy period is couple of weeks shorter than that calculated from the start of the last menstruation.

Every labor and delivery is different. How long the labor lasts and how fast or slow it progresses differs from woman to woman and from birth to birth. Some women experience very distinct signs of labor, while others do not.

There are several early symptoms that reveal that your labor is about to start and your baby is going to be born. Among these early labor symptoms are loose bowel movements. The intestine commonly empties just before labor starts. A quick decrease in the level of hormone progesterone is being considered for causing this effect. Another early sign of labor is a feeling of shivering or trembling that you might experience without any sensation of cold or weakness. Passing blood tinged mucus discharge from the vagina is a common early sign of labor, as well. This may happen one day or several weeks before labor begins, or after a vaginal exam. Labor can also start with a trickle or gush of water from the vagina. This means that the bag of water, meaning the amniotic sac that surrounds the baby, has broken.

No one knows exactly what causes labor to start or why so many pregnancies become overdue. One of the recent studies published in European Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Reproductive Biology (Vol. 132, June 2007) revealed that when the level of specific mRNA molecules in mother's blood circulation increases, the labor is about to begin. What is interesting is that these molecules are of fetal origin. Could it be so that the baby sends a signal to the mother's body that it's time to deliver? What if the mother's body doesn't recognize this message? Could that be one of the reasons why so many pregnancies become overdue and EDD are passed?

Holistic approaches aim to maintain an ideal balance and help our bodies to function better in various situations of life. This is how these methods help the mother's body to be more sensitive to mutual communication between the mother and the baby during pregnancy, labor and delivery.

Maternity Acupressure is a natural holistic method that helps the mother's body to prepare for childbirth. Maternity Acupressure is beneficial, also, for the baby because it helps the baby to take the optimal position for the birth and to be engaged into the mother's pelvis. Maternity Acupressure method can also be used to induce the labor naturally if the pregnancy is already overdue. Because of the high success rate, Maternity Acupressure has quickly become a popular natural labor induction remedy used by many professional pregnancy and labor caregivers. As Maternity Acupressure uses only application of pressure on specific spots on the skin, it can be safely used at home with basic instructions.

Studies prove that over 83% of pregnant mothers using acupressure to induce labor naturally experience a normal and natural childbirth with significantly less medical interventions than pregnant mothers who don't use this method. Additionally, their labor time was shorter without signs of distress or hyperstimulation of the womb. On the contrary, acupressure seems to avert the mother and the baby to become distressed during labor and delivery.

Thus, holistic methods, such as Maternity Acupressure, might have a remarkably beneficial effect in preparing the mother and the baby for the birth that occurs at the right time in the most optimal manner.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Wedding Services Online

Planning weddings, unfortunately, isn't quite as simple as getting married itself! Which is such a shame really. Thousands of people all over the world get married every day and most of them tend to get so entwined into the whole 'pre-wedding-plans' that they miss the fun part of weddings altogether. Imagine attending your own wedding, arguably the most important day of your life, horribly sleepy and exhausted and with ugly dark circles around your eyes. The guests will come and congratulate you, the cameras will click those everlasting photographs that will embarrass you for the rest of your life and you will be left wondering "When will it all end?".

So don't step into this mare when your turn comes try and leave the planning to the pros and just enjoy getting married instead! Surrender yourself to the best Wedding event planning firm and watch all the tasks you would have to do, get done like clockwork. Your wedding planner will learn about your personal likes and dislikes from you and your spouse to be and then put into effect what you both had only imagined. So the location will be found, the flowers ordered, the musicians hired, the wedding songs selected, photographers selected, caterers employed, themes decided upon….all with your kind permission and approval but without you having to budge an inch from your home. Your wedding planning guide will assist you in get the best prices, unbelievable savings and at the same time advice you on important but often ignored things like "What tie should I wear at the ceremony" or "What if I have a problem with my dress"What tie should I wear at the ceremony" or "What if I don't fit into my dress?".

Given the sudden boom in the wedding planning market in the last decade or so Wedding Management has become a fairly popular career option for a number of young men and women. In accordance to the increasing demand a number of event management schools are beginning to offer wedding planning courses. Thanks to JLO it no surprise the 'Wedding Planner Guide' has even become a coveted title. So if you think you have it in you to embrace unknown families as your own and arrange beautiful ceremonies that you yourself could get married at then look no further and jump into the bandwagon.

Gaining a degree in wedding planning has become almost as easy as sending an email. What with Online Wedding Planning courses sprouting up everywhere like mushrooms in monsoon. These distance-learning courses can supply you your degree in a matter of hours and are open to one and all. All you need is the enthusiasm for making people come together in love. The course itself will equip you with all the nitty-gritty's involved in planning weddings. It will teach you the secrets you will have to keep in mind when arranging weddings. The tricks involved in keeping the bride calm and the bride's father away from the bar. The charm with which you will have to soothe the rare hysterical aunt and the technicality involved in knowing good icing from a bad one.

Once you are equipped with your degree head off and start your own business or join a company or even better still join the forces of one of the ubiquitous online wedding services. Either way be sure you do each of your weddings with as much love and care as you had wanted to right at the very start. Best of luck!

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