Tuesday, November 6, 2007

How Did Red and Green Become the Colors of Christmas?

The chief colours of Christmastide are reddish and green. Did you ever inquire why this is? The association of reddish and greenish with Christmastide is worldwide. One can theorize and come up up with tons of thoughts about when and why these colours were first connected with Christmas.

Green come ups from evergreen plants which have got been used since ancient modern times to observe the wintertime solstice. In the early years of the Roman Catholic Church when the heathen rites of the wintertime solstice were merged into the jubilation of Christ's birth evergreen plants continued to be used. In wintertime solstice jubilations evergreen plants symbolized life that survived through the long, dark winters. The Christians thought of greenish as symbolizing the hope for ageless life that Jesus Of Nazareth offers.

A commonly accepted account for the usage of reddish and greenish is based on a historical fact. Back in the 1300's Adam and Eve's twenty-four hours was famed on Christmastide Eve. Churches in those years presented a batch of dramas because most people were illiterate. The dramas were focused on spiritual narratives of importance to the Christian church and were called miracle plays. On Adam and Eve's twenty-four hours the drama was called the paradise drama and portrayed what happened in the garden of eden. There wasn't an apple tree available in the wintertime so they made one by tying apples to a long tree and it served as the tree that dullard the forbidden fruit. This long tree with the reddish apples eventually became a tradition in all Christian churches and was used in their Christmastide jubilations every year.

The tree became known as the Eden Tree and soon people began erecting long trees in their ain places during the vacation season decorated with reddish apples. This began the tradition of Christmastide trees and the most popular account for the usage of the colours of reddish and greenish for the holidays.

Another account is that greenish typifies the hope Jesus Of Nazareth gave us through his forfeit and is the colour of evergreen plants which remain alive all year. Red is said to symbolize the blood of Jesus in this explanation. The blood was cast by Jesus Of Nazareth so that people could be saved and when concerted with greenish it shows the hope of our salvation through Jesus sacrifice.

Holly is a popular Christmastide ornament because it compounds the colour of greenish in its leaves of absence with the reddish of its berries. Traditional Christmastide garlands have got always been decorated with reddish bowknots and reddish berries. Santa Claus have always had a reddish costume and Rudolph the Caribou have always had a reddish nose. These colours are here to remain and will always stand for the vacations in most peoples minds.

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Grrr said...

This article is completely wrong.
The red and green and pine tree are all lifted directly from the Rites of Attis.

Google the story of Attis and Cybele and you'll see what I mean.