Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Keepsake Christmas Decorations - Part 2 - Picture Christmas Wreath

Christmas memories always include the clip I set aside for my children to do Christmastide decorations. We love to do wall ornaments and have got many souvenirs of past Christmases, some 25 old age old! Remembering the activities that we shared making the ornaments do the vacations more particular as you lovingly put your ornaments on the walls. In the last article, Christmastide Keepsake Decorations - Part 1, you saw how to do a "Rudolph Handmade Deer", using your child's manus for antlers. A perfect comrade souvenir to put beside it is a Picture Christmastide Wreath, using your child's image as the centerpiece.

Materials needed: achromatic posting board, reddish felt, pair of scissors (both regular and Omega edged), glue, greenish poster paint paint, reddish wooden beads, tape, a protractor or 2 different sized bowls, some newspaper, and a image of your child. If you can acquire your child's image in presence of a Christmastide tree, then it will really be cute! Doing these sorts of Christmastide activities can make a household feel closer and assists do fantastic Christmastide memories.

The first thing that you should do is draw 2 circles on the achromatic posting board. The biggest should be about 7 or 8". The littler circle should be 3 & ½ to 4 & ½" and centered in the center of the bigger circle. Let your kid aid you by cutting out the shapes. Use trade zigzag pair of scissors to cut the outside border on the bigger circle like little Zs. Cutting the interior circle might be difficult for children and they may necessitate you to begin the cut.

Next, put down newspapers and allow your kid paint the bigger circle with greenish poster paint paint. It will be cunning to see the 'evergreen' expression or their brushwood shots when it dries. While the paint is drying, take the 3 & ½ " foursquare cut redness felt and pull a bowknot on it. The bowknot should utilize most of the square. The bowknot looks like a butterfly and the thread will be like an top down V, about1" broad and 1" long. You should drill a few modern times until you acquire the designing you like, then copy to the reddish felt square, and cut it.

Once the paint dries, you're cook to piece the wreath. Bend the painted side down and tape the image over the hole in the middle. Bend it over and bank check to see if the image is centered. If the arrangement is good, then turn it back over and gum the borders to the wreath. Cut a 5" circle from the achromatic posting board and gum it over the picture, on the back.

You are now ready to complete the Christmastide wreath. Attach the reddish bowknot with gum to the underside of the wreath. Glue 5 redness wooden string of beads on the wreath, like holly berries. Your child's chef-d'oeuvre is complete and ready to expose alone or with the Rudolph Handmade deer. We bask making wall ornaments that add Christmastide spirit, memories and colour to our home. If you and your household enjoyed this activity, then you can always utilize the remaining stores to do other wreaths, and give them as Christmastide shows from the kid or family. More souvenir memory ornaments will be explained in Keepsake Christmastide Decorations.

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