Thursday, July 12, 2007

Choosing The Right Playground Safety Surfacing

You'll have got a assortment of different safety surfacing options including pour-in-place rubber, India India India India rubber mulch, rubber chips, wood fibre strips, unreal grass and compressed rubber tile. Now there is a difference when it come ups to safety and durability. I'll rank each type of surfacing on a scale of measurement of 1-5 from high, medium high, medium low pressure pressure and low (1) being the least safe or durable

5 for High

4 for Medium high

3 for Medium

2 for Medium low

1 for Low

(1) Wood fibre strips are the traditional surfacing stuff that have been used in resort safety for many years. However the lastingness is low with wood fiber, many resorts have got surfacing that is moved or spreading throughout a parkland causing a hazard for autumn heights. Many people who supply resort care happen that they often necessitate to replace the wood strips respective modern times a year. I give wood fibre strips a safety evaluation of 2 and a lastingness evaluation of 3.

(2) Pour-in-place was a growth tendency in safety surfacing a few old age ago because of its stationariness and designing options. You will happen rounded borders or name calling that are designed into pour-in-place surfacing as well as different colors. The disadvantage with pour-in-place is that it will check and melt within three old age or less. You will also get to see holes in the top layer (there are two layers) where the India rubber have been worn. This is of utmost concern owed to safety ordinances on the lower limit depth of surfacing for a given autumn height. Since pour-in-place is fairly new, we've only seen this deficiency of lastingness within the past few old age causing many people to remain away from this type of safety surfacing. I give pour-in-place somes safety evaluation of 3 and a lastingness evaluation of 2.

(3) Rubber mulch is becoming the adjacent coevals of wood fibre – the same people that do this also do bigger balls that they mention to as India rubber chips. Recycled stuff is sent through a alone procedure that make cleans and colours the India rubber so that it is completely safe for children and have colour that endures as much as seven years. I give India India rubber mulch and rubber bits a safety evaluation of 4 and a lastingness evaluation of 4.

(4) Artificial sod have been around for a piece with some good improvements. The stuff is placed onto a alkali of spongy string of beads that enactment as a layer of cushioning, much like tilled dirt. Unlike soil though – this alkali supplies long-lasting safety for anyone who might fall and it lets H2O to flux freely throughout so that the sod doesn't have got H2O damage. I give unreal sod a safety evaluation of 4 and a lastingness evaluation of 5.

(5) Rubber Tiles are a well-established high-quality surfacing material. There's only one maker of India rubber tiles that I would recommend: SofSurfaces have a patented locking system between tiles that created one monolithic surface for resort safety. This stuff is also very lasting – SafSurfaces supplies a solid 7 twelvemonth warrant on not only the colour but the depth also. That's THREE times longer than the first three safety surfacing options. I give India rubber tiles a safety evaluation of 5 and a lastingness evaluation of 5. If you budget lets – this is the ideal choice.

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